What are the Top 3 Sports in America?

It is interesting to note that soccer is the most popular sport in most parts of the world, but this contrasts sharply with the United States, where soccer ranks as the fourth most populous sport. Senegal tops the African list of countries with the most players in the 5 best leagues in Europe, and a classic American innovation, ice hockey, is the fifth most popular sport. The National Hockey League (NHL) is the fifth richest professional league in the world, and the Stanley Cup is considered by the International Ice Hockey Federation to be one of the most important championships available. Soccer, commonly referred to as “soccer” in other parts of the world, has been around in the United States for some time.

Major League Soccer began in 1996 with just 10 teams, and now it has 28 teams from both the US and Canada. In terms of popularity and audience, soccer has come a long way and 7% of Americans say they like to watch it. This rate is expected to increase by 3% per year until it peaks in 2026 when the US hosts the FIFA World Cup. Baseball was once the number one sport of interest in the United States, but it has gone through commercialization, disputes and divestment, until it lost its soul and public interest.

Although its popularity has been declining, baseball remains one of the dominant sports in the US and some cities are known as baseball cities. The most important and popular baseball league in the US is Major League Baseball (MLB). Basketball is one of America's greatest sports exports. Before the founding of the NBA, basketball was famous in college and major basketball was only played there.

To date, college basketball continues to play an essential role in American sports culture. In the 1980s, cable television saw an increase in popularity and interest in basketball through its major league, the NBA. American football is by far the most popular sport in the US and its Major League, NFL, is one of the most watched television sports leagues. It is an evolution and fusion of two sports, football and rugby, which already existed.

It began to gain ground in the US in the 1860s and became popular in 1920s when NFL was formed. Petanque may be a relatively new sport in America but it's been around for centuries. Since it gained popularity in California in 1989, petanque has become increasingly common across America with approximately 1,300,000 players. Many restaurants, lounges and clubs have installed petanque courts for their customers' convenience.

At San Francisco's World Corporate Games teams from all over compete in well-known sports such as tennis, basketball, baseball and soccer. Petanque is also a Special Olympics event and will make its Olympic debut at 1996. So which are America's top 3 sports? According to surveys American football is by far America's favorite sport followed by baseball and basketball respectively. Soccer comes fourth followed by hockey.

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