What is the greatest sports of all time?

Top Ten Sports: Baseball, American Football, Ice Hockey, Swimming, Tennis, Bowling, Boxing, and Archery. Sports are a crucial part of a person's health, mind and overall body development. One of the most important values of the sport is its ability to bring together crowds from different countries around the world. Learn more about this wonderful phenomenon and what is the best sport in the world and why.

Gibson not only played baseball, but he also played baseball. In high school, he was an all-state basketball player and came to Creighton through basketball, not baseball. In fact, Gibson spent some time with the Harlem Globetrotters. COMPLEX participates in several affiliate marketing programs, which means that COMPLEX receives commissions for purchases made through our links to retail sites.

Our editorial content is not influenced by the commissions we receive. But does that make Mayweather the GOAT of boxing? For some, yes. Many would say that a perfect record is analogous to the greatness of an athlete. Others, like us, would say that the debate is much more nuanced than that.

The acronym GOAT Greatest Of All Time is used quite informally these days, but we thought the time was right to settle each and every argument about who is really THE god in eight of the most popular sports. Since turning professional in 1995, more than two decades ago, Serena Williams has been practically the owner of the sport of tennis ever since. It could be argued that she is the most dominant athlete, male or female, in any current sport, but that is a debate for another day. Serena isn't the best just because she has four Olympic gold medals.

Or because, with 23 Grand Slam titles, she is the oldest champion with the most wins of the Open era. Nor is it just because it has an 80 percent win rate and was the No. The thing is that, in terms of pure talent, expanding the attractiveness of the sport and yes, of winning, it is difficult to argue that any player has influenced the game of tennis more than Serena. Sport has changed forever because of its presence and its success.

Dria Roland Muhammad Ali is, pound for pound, the best female boxer in history. Why? Because he was a fighter with the speed of the hands and the dexterity of a light boxer, the power of a heavyweight and the mouth of a professional wrestler. At the tender age of 22, the Louisville Lip shocked the world when he beat the big favorite Sonny Liston to become one of the youngest to hold the heavyweight crown. Ali continued to surprise the world for most of his boxing career, especially when he joined the Nation of Islam shortly after conquering Liston, before he was banned from boxing for three years after refusing to participate in the recruitment of the Vietnam War.

The United States government tried to overthrow him and six years after his ban was lifted, the boy from Kentucky returned to being a heavyweight champion after defeating George Foreman in the legendary Rumble in the Jungle match in which both men almost died. Like Michael Jordan in the NBA, all boxers are subject to the high cultural standards that Ali set 50 years ago. Angel Diaz's MMA is a young sport and deciding the GOAT pound-for-pound is the engine of a fiery debate on the Internet. We give it to Anderson Silva because of his style, his impressive precision and his total mastery during his prime.

Silva has the longest winning streak in UFC history (1). Silva spent almost seven years (undefeated) and did so in an incredibly entertaining way, from frontal kicks to the face to lethal flying knees. Demetrious Johnson has only matched Silva's record of 10 consecutive title defenses. George St-Pierre's style, while brutally effective, will never be as exciting as that of The Spider.

And for detractors, yes, the end of Silva's career has been tumultuous, but the man remains an icon regardless of how he chooses to leave. That said, you can organize the constellation of greats from our list of finalists in any order you want and convince a lot of fighting fans. But in our book, The Spider is still the best of all time. I did a lot of sports at the same time until I started boxing, without a doubt the most epic thrill you feel when you earn your goal of becoming the person you want to be.

The combination of speed (Derrick Rose, Allen Iverson), strength (Shaq) and verticality (Blake Griffin) make it, in my opinion, the most entertaining sport to watch. Bat under the sweltering Perth sun and have hard leather balls thrown at your head at 95 miles per hour and then talk about the fact that this sport doesn't require courage, determination, determination and skill. However, the industrial revolution and mass production created more free time to play and watch sports with spectators, with less individualism and greater accessibility to many types of sports. Boxing is an accessible sport that allows underprivileged children to escape the difficulties attributed to living in a difficult environment.

To be one of the best multifaceted athletes in the history of sports, you have to be able to make that transition. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a young sport and deciding the GOAT pound-for-pound is the engine of an intense debate on the Internet. The history of athletics dates back 3000 years ago, when physical activity that became a sport was linked to ritual, war and entertainment. Third, it's a very good sport for non-professional swimmers, a great way to stay in shape and have fun at the same time.

Plus, you don't sweat even though you have to shower after swimming, but it's still nice to be in the pool during hot summer days. Boxing is also extremely useful for combating depression, anxiety and other problems, as it is a very physically exhausting sport. For example, soccer, the best sport in the world, has created opportunities for children who were not considered anyone, from humble origins to stars who earn a fortune. While it may be boring to watch (especially for those new to the sport), it's incredibly fun to do.

My favorite sport to practice, I have a lot of mental focus and the best part is that you don't have to ruin your body like people with too much testosterone do. Such an adequate cardiovascular system is essential for what this sport really is: precisely controlling a hypersensitive vehicle at speeds that generate the G-forces experienced by astronauts and, at the same time, maintaining 100% uninterrupted concentration throughout the entire 2-odd hour race. . .

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