What are the main types of sports?

Types of sports: chess, basketball, soccer, volleyball, martial arts, table tennis, athletics. Are you looking for a complete list of sports in English? Good news, here you'll find a huge list of sports with images and examples in English. On this page you will find an extensive list of sports names in English. You'll also find a list of sports names with images.

And check the bottom of this page to see some games and activities that you can use to teach the names of sports in English, Table of ContentsList of sports in English List of sports names with imagesGames for teaching sports names. Sport includes all forms of competitive physical activity or games that, through informal or organized participation, aim to utilize, maintain or improve physical capacity and abilities and, at the same time, provide fun for participants and, in some cases, entertainment for spectators. For example, soccer is an invasion game in which one team has to maintain the position of the ball, bring the ball to the middle of the other team and then try to score a goal in the opponent's net (invade another team's area). For example, badminton is a network game, since there is a net in the center of the court and two players remain in front of the net at all times.

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