What are 3 types of sports?

Individual sports · Alpine skiing %26 cross-country skiing · Archery · Wrestling · Athletic athletics · Badminton (individual) · Biathlon · Bodyboarding · Bodybuilding. We have a huge list of hundreds of sports from all over the world, arranged alphabetically. With such an unwieldy list, it makes sense to classify them into smaller groups. There are numerous ways to classify these sports: they can be groups depending on where, when and how they are played.

Many are variations of similar sports, have common stories, use similar teams or similar gameplay, and these features can be used to classify them. For example, the World Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) uses five categories for the sports of its member federations. As with any group of this type, a sport may not fit well into any category, since many belong to more than one. At Topend Sports, I have started to group sports into more manageable categories, such as these.

Check out the more than 800 sports in the Encyclopedia of All Sports. Well, not all sports, since there is a list of unusual sports, extinct sports and newly created sports. How to get on these lists? See What is a sport? We also have lists of sports winners, information on major sporting events and a summary of each year.

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